I started doing yoga in 2004 to improve flexibility and also hoping to find some relief from fibromyalgia. It helped me a lot in those regards, but I also noticed many other improvements to my health and many other aspects of my existence – I was hooked for life. In 2005 I did the Teachers Training Course and I also helped Ina to develop workshops material for the different chakras – which is an aspect of yoga that fascinates me. Since 2004 I have always involved myself in the practicalities of the studio – things like sound system installation, shelving, specialized equipment, etc.

In future I see myself developing my skills and insight as a regular yoga student and also a regular teacher.  My philosophical approach to life is based in truthfulness and the conviction that the things that we think, feel, say and do should be as close to each other as possible. I believe the practice of yoga can greatly assist in realizing such a state of being.